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Licensing Process

A Licence is a written agreement between YouthBank UK and the lead organisation involved in a local YouthBank; most importantly this also includes young people. A signed Licence Agreement entitles a local YouthBank to promote themselves as part of the network and use the logo and branding image of YouthBank UK, as well as accessing all the benefits of being part of the network.

The Licensing process is the beginning of a partnership. It is a way of gathering information and ensuring that the quality of the network is maintained and growing in line with the values and principles young people have set out in the YouthBank Golden Rules. It is also about ensuring that everyone involved knows what a YouthBank does and understands their role and the resources needed to successfully develop and support a YouthBank.

Central to all of this is ensuring that young people are genuinely involved throughout the process. Your Development Officer and a representative from the Advisory Forum will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish and can provide advice on filling in the licence application form (available from YouthBank UK – please contact us).

We can provide a short, free taster session (usually around 2 hours) for young people to introduce the idea of young person led grantmaking and to look at how YouthBank could work for you, please contact us for more information.

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