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YouthBank Golden Rules

Although local YouthBanks develop in a variety of ways to suit local needs, there are some principles of YouthBank that have to be followed by all.

These are the ‘YouthBank Golden Rules’.

1. YouthBank activity has to be young people led – at local, regional, national and UK-wide levels.  The role of adults in YouthBank is to support and advise young people.

2. YouthBank is open to all young people.  We recognise that some young people may have barriers to overcome so that they can get involved – we will especially try and include these young people in YouthBank activity.

3. YouthBank offers young people the opportunity to find out about each other’s lives, cultures and experiences in a supportive environment.  YouthBanks therefore must respect the differences and talents of all young people.

4. YouthBank activity must be accountable, monitoring and reporting on how and where money is spent.

5. YouthBanks should communicate clearly, using simple language (not jargon), to make sure young people have the greatest possible knowledge of YouthBank activity at all levels.

6. YouthBank activity must add to the skills, knowledge and experience of young people – using a range of training, new experiences and activity-based learning, gaining accreditation where possible.

7. YouthBanks need to make time to learn from what they do – to reflect on their activity at all levels and not be afraid to make changes to the way they operate.

8. YouthBanks need to celebrate the achievements of young people. YouthBank is a great way for young people to develop what they can do, we need to get this message across and have fun too!

9. YouthBank UK offers opportunities for young people to progress through its structure at local, regional or national levels

10. YouthBank will work in partnership with other young people, groups or organisations where there are benefits for all to learn, develop and advance a positive view of young people.

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