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Setting Up a YouthBank

There are a range of steps to work through before setting up a YouthBank. Our Development Officers are on hand to help you with any questions you have or guidance you need throughout the process.

YouthBanks currently exist in a variety of settings including local authorities, community foundations and local youth charities.  We are particularly interested in setting up more “thematic” YouthBanks targeting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities (including those at risk of exclusion, poor socio-economic backgrounds, areas of high unemployment, homeless young people, rurally isolated and ethnic minority groups).

All new YouthBanks must complete a licence application to join the network.  This is our way of gathering information and ensuring that the quality of the network is maintained and growing in line with the values and principles young people have set out in the YouthBank Golden Rules. It is also about ensuring that everyone involved knows what a YouthBank does and understands their role and the resources needed to successfully develop and support a YouthBank.

We expect young people to be involved throughout the licensing process.  Most YouthBanks will be run by a partnership of organisations but we need one organisation to be responsible for the operation of the YouthBank overall and to hold the licence.  This will normally be the ‘fundholder’ or ‘host organisation’ but please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss some different arrangements – we’re keen to try out new ideas.

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